The healthcare industry has undergone massive expansion in the last decade. This trend shows no sign of stopping. The result is a greater need for innovative healthcare facilities in order to keep up with this constant growth. Commercial mortgage loans are necessary to fund new developments and the expansion of existing operations. However, many financial institutions don’t feel comfortable working with healthcare institutions due to long payment cycles and reimbursement rates. This poses a problem for an industry with seemingly unending growth.

To acquire financing in the healthcare industry, you need to work with a commercial mortgage broker who fully understands the constant challenges medical organizations face. Facilities must account for everything from surgical to outpatient services. They also have many long and short-term needs which require diverse financing options. Liberty Mortgage has the knowledge and experience needed to help healthcare organizations and investors find the loan options suitable to their specific needs.

Commercial Loans for the Healthcare Industry

Depending on your situation, there are a number of financing options available. Commercial property finance loans can be used to build new facilities or expand current medical centers. This will allow organizations to provide higher-quality care to more people in need. You can also opt for term loans to aid in partner buy-ins, equipment financing, and improvements to a facility. We can help you tailor these loans to align with your long-term business goals.

These financial solutions are not only tailored to the needs of investors. They can also help private physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and medical equipment distributors. Really, anyone working in the healthcare industry should consider a commercial loan when planning for expansion. Private, non-profit organizations can also take advantage of commercial loans to increase their outreach and provide services to those in need.

Types of Loans to Consider

The type of commercial loan you apply for depends heavily on your business plan. For larger developments, a large balance real estate loan provides solutions for properties operating in larger markets. Alternatively, a small balance commercial loan for a medical office is typically designed for loans under $1 million.

In addition, stated income commercial loans for medical offices work well for both medium and large operations. These types of loans don’t require as much paperwork or income documentation. Commercial mortgage refinance also allows you to reduce monthly payments. You can extend your repayment term as well. Liberty Mortgage can help you establish a refinance plan perfect for your situation.

Let Us Help You Secure a Commercial Loan

Liberty Mortgage has been helping individuals, businesses, and investors secure commercial loans since 1998. We understand the challenges facing healthcare professionals. We’ll examine your needs and work hard to find the financing option that aligns with your long-term goals. Contact us at 281-542-7392 to discuss your future.

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